The Hospitality Initiative Program Informational Orientation

Sign up for an Informational Orientation

Are you a San Francisco Resident who is interested in attending an informational session which will include an overview of the training program; program requirements and a review of your Hospitality Initiative Application?
If the answer is YES then:
  1. Use the Hospitality Initiative Orientation Reservation Form to select your preferred orientation date and time. AND
  2. Completely fill out the application form below using one of the following methods:

A. Fill out and submit the Online Application Form below before your scheduled orientation, or
B. Download and print the application click here to download, and complete by hand and bring completed application to your scheduled orientation, or
C. If you are unable to fill out the application online or download and print the application please contact us and we will help you to secure a copy.

Hospitality Initiative Orientation Reservation Form

  • Please select one of the following, upcoming Orientation sessions by checking the box next to the session that you want to attend (there is an am and a pm session for each date, only one is required):

    You must register for Orientations at least 72 hours in advance. Reservations are only taken Monday through Thursday.

  • Please provide the following information so that we may contact you to confirm your orientation reservation and provide you with necessary information.

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 Hospitality Initiative Application Form

  • Please complete this application before orientation. If you do not complete the application online, you must bring your completed application to the orientation

  • Personal Information

  • If yes, complete the following:

  • Educational Information

  • Employment Work Experience

  • Please complete the following information for your last ten years of employment. Include all paid and unpaid (volunteer) positions and your current employer. List most recent experience first.

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