Our Mission/Vision:

To “Change the Face of Hospitality” to include African American workers as a permanent, valued and significant part of Unionized Hospitality Sector establishments.

Equality and Inclusion in Hospitality, Inc. (EIHI) is committed to increasing the self-sufficiency of under-represented workers by expanding hospitality related employment opportunities of San Francisco Bay Area residents while providing employers access to a skilled group of individuals ready for employment in the San Francisco Bay Area Unionized Hospitality Sector.

Our Services

The Hospitality Initiative (HI), is a collaborative project housed under the EIHI umbrella since 2012.  EIHI, in collaboration with The San Francisco Hotel/Restaurant Labor/Management Education Fund, UNITE HERE Local 2, Hospitality Sector Employers and Community Based Organization partners identify members/participants who meet the HI Program Requirements and are interested in increasing their self-sufficiency by securing employment in the Hospitality Industry.  After recruitment and screening activities are complete, qualified candidates who also have a passion for service are prepared for successful careers in San Francisco Bay Area unionized Hospitality establishments (hotels; restaurants; arenas; and convention centers.)

EIHI’s Hospitality Initiative offers a broad range of services to job seekers that are responsive to the workforce development needs of its Employer Partners.

These services include:

Hospitality Training

Communication Skills

Team Building Skills

Customer Service

Conflict Resolution

Labor Relations
& Employment Rights

Job Readiness Training

Resume development & interviewing skills

Employment Related Training and Services

Paid On the Job Training
(up to 100 hrs.)

Employment & Retention
Related Supportive Services


Equality and Inclusion in Hospitality, Inc.
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